Saturday, September 17, 2005

So why another catholic blog?

Hello everybody!

During my recent visits on several blogger-pages I found a growing interest in the either beloved or hated Rolls-Royce of the non-liturgical vestments of the Catholic Church: The Cappa Magna.

Since I am a sucker for superfluous beauty and do in no way consider the Cappa Magna to be ridiculous or unmanly or a waste of space and money or a relict of times gone by or whatever argument-du-jour tries to speak against its use, I decided to open up this blog as

a) a point of information about the Cappa Magna (I am by no means an expert but I found out interesting little details and read funny little stories that I might post during the next weeks)

b) a safe haven for everybody who wants to talk about how much and why he or she likes the Cappa Magna

c) a photo series in which I will present some of the nicer pictures of my vast collection of Cappa Magna-photographs

Although the Cappa Magna and related stuff might be the focus in the early stages of this blog, it does not mean that I will not find other topics to write about. Since in the future I might write about pretty much everything that is on my mind, it is likely that I will incur the anger of some readers. If I do, feel free to drop a comment. If you do so, please keep this in mind: I really do appreciate ostentatious display of semantics and edoocayshun, but pleasepleaseplease, while you are at it, try to add a little information, too. There’s nothing more boring and annoying than a critic who tries to flame folks with his style and panache and then forgets to say something. Oh, by the way: If you want to write a comment, telling me how swell I am, that’s cool, too.

I will not write daily just to make people think I have something to say. I will write when there is something to write about.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for: “My ten favorite arguments against the Cappa Magna (and the explanation why I love them so much)”


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