Saturday, January 20, 2007

Where else but in the Netherlands...

Via Reuters:
    Amsterdam's red-light district will soon get a new attraction: a statue to honor prostitutes around the world.

    The statue, designed by artist Els Rijerse, will likely be unveiled at the end of March, Dutch news agency ANP reported.

    "In many countries, prostitutes struggle and people have no respect for them whatsoever. The statue is meant to give all those men and women strength," Mariska Majoor, a former prostitute who commissioned the statue, told ANP.

    ANP said the statue, made of bronze, shows a woman who confidently looks out into the world.

I can just hear a little girl ask her mother in the Europe of 2055: "Mom, what does "Christian" mean?" And mom is gonna answer through the veil: "Oh, that was before both of us were born. That was in a Europe screaming in pain because of its sins, begging for moral authorities. Funny thing is: These authorities were already there. But they were ignored. I guess the sins were too tempting after all. Well, what we got instead was Burqas and Minarets."


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