Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Obvious

His Eminence Cardinal Antonio CaƱizares Llovera, Archbishop of Toledo, Primate of Spain ordained two priests for the Institute of Christ the King in July. He wore the cappa magna. And the obvious happened: The world ended.

At least you should think so if you read the comments on Spanish webpages, blogs, forums etc.

Laypeople and priests alike went up in righteous immolation.

    "Rome wants to bury VCII!"
Well, at least that makes for an interesting mental image.

    "Look at the expression of satisfaction on the cardinal's face in these photographs. It is only vanity and the desire to see himself aggrandized to make up for his inferiority complex!"
Rrrrrrright... I guess it would take one to know one...

    "What has this got to do with the Gospel of Christ?"
What? You mean you havent read Gammarellicus 3:8-21?

    "He is against gay marriage and runs around dressed like that?"
You are in favor of gay marriage and don't appreciate a sight like that?

    "But what about poverty? What about the starving children in the world?"
Don't you worry! They are being fed right now! Can't you hear them munching and burping, eagerly gobbling down every word you put online? The difference between the bleeding-heart posse and good people? They former always know exactly what other people should be doing with their money and possessions. The latter just tend to give and shut up about it.

    "These photos are proof for the hypocrisy in the Church!"
Here's where these guys really lost me.

    "We are alarmed by the fact that the cardinal accepted the offer to wear these clothes!"
That's comforting. At least these "Catholics" stick with their principles. God forbid they feel alarmed about abortion, dechristianization, relativism and muslims building their mosques all over Europe.

Vivid and gripping indeed, these lamentations. I am reminded of Pawlow's dog, only that our liberal friends do not salivate in response to the sound of a bell, but rather fume and whine in response to the sight of watered silk. Brain activity? Sheah, right! Then again we should be grateful for these reactions, because they do show us exactly what is wrong with the ones that call themselves "liberal" or "progressive" nowadays. They are the ones living in the past by wanting to make us believe that it is still 1968. They are the ones who are inflexible and intolerant by not allowing for any phenomenon to be explained in terms other than those they find within their limits (which seem to be very narrow).

On a positive note, there also have been a handful of people defending the cardinal. They did so in a rational and civilized way (yup, they're not like me at all), without ridiculing anybody. So I am afraid that - in a world where humor is in the guts and not in the brains - the other side ("Princess Di had a train on her dress as well, hahaha!") will get all the laughs. Well, as long as we keep the cappae, that's fine with me.


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Welcome back! And thanks for the photos.

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You're welcome!

If you want to see more photos of this event, go to

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