Saturday, September 17, 2005

Did you know that... (1)

… the Cappa Magna is never worn together with gloves?

“Wait a minute!” I hear some of you say. “I have seen photographs of cardinals or bishops in Cappa Magna processing through a crowd of people, blessing them with hands in gloves!” I know, I have seen pictures like that myself. The rule isn’t very strict and I don’t think anybody will really pay attention to it, especially nowadays, when the Cappa Magna is hardly used anymore and liturgical errors are more than common. The correct form though would be to omit the gloves when you are wearing the Cappa.

Bishop Josef Stangl of the diocese of Würzburg in Germany. He was bishop from 1957 until 1979. He is wearing a nice Cappa Magna of purple silk, which is strange, since bishops were supposed to wear purple wool. But as I have heard from a indeed well informed "Vaticanist" there is about a million privileges still active even today in the Catholic Church, so why not purple silk for a bishop? And Stangl does look good, except for the gloves. They are nice, too, but they are just no supposed to be worn with the Cappa. So even before Vatican II liturgical regulations obviously weren't obeyed that strictly.

A happy Cardinal Tettamanzi during his time as Archbishop of Genova. In his Genova years Tettamanzi liked to use the Cappa Magna every now and then. And he even does so without gloves.


Blogger latinmass1983 said...

My friend says that there is nothing wrong with wearing these gloves with the cappa. What would not be appropriate would be to wear LITURGICAL gloves (chirotecae), the ones that are used ONLY during Mass.

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