Saturday, January 20, 2007

Free at last!

That is the title of the conversion story of Daniel Ali. From the page of Tate Publishing:
    "He cites the verses of the Koran by which the Holy Spirit will convict the Muslim of sin, the Muslim's inability to remove it, and thus the Muslim's great need for a savior. The author reveals the Gospel, as it has been ignored and hidden in pages of the Koran. He offers the courageous Muslim a choice between opposing Suras and opposing theologies, found within the Koran. The Holy Spirit is capable of leading the Muslim, repentant, to the feet of Christ. "

Here you can find an essay by Daniel Ali in which he describes his journey from being a Kurdistan Muslim who marries an American Christian, moves to America in 1993, is baptized into the Body of Christ in 1995, goes through countless hours of Bible studies and evengalizing and is finally received into the Catholic Church in 1998. He also mentions the general danger of aggressive "evangelization" by Muslims and talks about his ways of countering that.

Thank you, Daniel! I will pray for you and your work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The book is crucial for Christians as well as Muslims.
It is a guide for Muslims who seek the truth of Christ within the pages of the Koran.
It is a must for all Christians regardless of their denomination since it is the first time someone who was a devout Muslim tell us how Muslims are brought up and how they think.
Buy the book, you will not regret it.

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