Thursday, October 11, 2007

"It does not always have to be the cappa"

You never thought you'd hear me say that, right?

Neither did I.

Well, I guess I am more flexible, open and liberal than I thought. Uhh, no, scratch that liberal thing.

Vincenzo Cardinal La Puma

Lorenz Cardinal Jaeger

Holy Blood Procession, Belgium 1927

Bishop Lamiroy, Bruges

William Cardinal O'Connell


Blogger Berolinensis said...

Someone seems to have misinformed Cardinal O'Connell that Bishops wear ventral Crosses instead of pectoral ones.
But his picture makes me think of something else: Now that Pope Benedict has reintroduced the double sleeves for the papal simar (Yay!), couldn't that be considered a tacit approval for Bishops to do the same? I remember Cardinal Kuharic of Agram/Zagreb alway wore them.

12:36 PM  

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