Monday, September 26, 2005

Photos of the Month (09/2005, part 2)

A blast from the past….

Here are four men from a time when you really could call a cardinal a prince of the church without inviting the wrath of the usual suspects (or the prelate himself, for that matter). They prove that in the fine arts there is no such thing as over-dramatization and that a Cappa Magna makes any man, who is allowed to wear it, look impressive, no matter if he is old or young, corpulent or slim, standing or sitting.

Andre-Hercule Cardinal Fleury (France, 1653-1742), chaplain of Louis XIV, tutor of the young Louis XV, prime-minister of France from 1723 (never officially assumed that title), one of the most influential spirits in French politics during his time.

Armand-Gaston-Maximilien Cardinal de Rohan de Soubise (France, 1674-1749), prince-bishop of Straßburg, builder of the magnificent „Palais de Rohan“, grand-uncle of the famous and notorious „Cardinal Collier“.

Alberico Cardinal Archinto (Italy, 1698-1758); nuncio in Florence and Dresden, secretary of state and vice-chancellor of Benedict XIV

Adam Ignacy Cardinal Komorowski (Poland, 1699-1759), primate of Poland, defended the Polish Church against powers in the state that questioned her juridical competence.


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