Friday, December 02, 2005

Pictures are nice..

...but how would you like some historical footage showing the cappa magna?

The first place to go would be the British Pathe section of the ITN archive. Just type "cardinal" or "cardinals" into the search box and hit "go". You'll get a list of historical movies that you can watch online. And if you click the tab that says "stills" you can do the same searches and get a still from every second of every movie!

The page of the Italian Insituto Luce also offers a variety of very nice historical films.

And for those of you who always wanted to see a cappa magna in motion and color, I found this particular gem: A page of the Clare Library/Ireland that offers some footage. Check out the "Obsequies of Archbishop Fogarty" or the "Cardinals Visit 2".

Have fun!


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