Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Here's a funny one:

A little episode about a mishap of Josef Cardinal Frings, Cologne:

It was at the end of a solemn pontifical mass in the Cologne cathedral. Cardinal Frings, already vested in cappa magna, got up from his throne and took one little step too much. He tripped over some part of his robes, fell, managed to turn in flight so he wouldn't land to harshly and then rolled down the altar stairs, wrapping himself up in the train of his cappa magna. There was a moment of total and complete silence, as the Cardinal was lying in the isle before the altar, tightly wrapped up in scarlet watered silk from neck to feet. I don’t know how many people would have liked to crack a joke or burst out laughing, but, as the man who was Frings’ caudatarius on that day told me, nobody even took a breath. And nobody moved. So in the end the Cardinal himself had to ask the amazed bystanders to snap out of it, to move their be-hinds, to unwrap him and to help him up.

That probably was the day when Frings decided to become more modern and liberal.


Blogger GFvonB said...

Or perhaps a bit of Devine Retribution for his liberality...

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