Friday, February 24, 2006

Did you know that... (3)

... only on three occasions would a cardinal wearing the cappa magna have walked with the train trailing behind him on the ground?

You did? Aww, too bad.

Well, for those who didn't know:

1.) Giving obeisance to a newly elect pope:

An unidentified cardinal on his way to kneel before Paul VI.

2.) Receiving the galero at the public concistory:

Another unidentifird cardinal receiving his galero from an unidentified Pope (Oh man, the quality of my photos used to be a bit better, didn't it?)

3.) Taking possession of his titular church. Sorry, no photo here, but I'd love to see one. So if anybody out there has anything, please do mail it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that's Pope Pius XII, again, I'm just taking a guess.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Castor said...

Pius XI.
To the right is MC Msgr. Respighi, dressed in choir dress of a domestic prelate, as the MC did for the consistory.
At the bottom of the stairs, on the left, is Confalonieri in the full dress of cameriere segreto partecipante: croccia and ermine cape. Also, the kneeling cameriere in mantelone looks like Mario Nasalli Rocca de Corneliano. Just above him, also in ermine hood and croccia, is the other sameriere segreto partecipante, Diego Venini, with his typical, of the period, round bottle glasses (later Elemosiniere Segreto). Both Confalonieri and Venini were Pius XI imports.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Castor said...

Also, the unidentified cardinal before PVI is Laraona, with Msgr. Cochetti standing next to him.

4:14 AM  

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