Thursday, May 04, 2006


I don't have the time to properly maintain this blog right now.

But I understand that the Cappe Magne have to keep on billowing, rustling and flowing and I have some fine photographs of Francis Cardinal Spellman that one or two of you out there might appreciate. Enjoy!

1.) With a bishop that I cant identifiy (A., got an idea?)

2.) With Clemente Cardinal Micara

3.) "Yum! Sapphire!"

4.) With Josef Cardinal Frings, archbishop of Cologne

5.) With Cardinals Guevara (Lima, center) and Vasconcelos-Motta (Sao Paolo, right)

6.) With (from left) Cardinals Mooney (Detroit), Stritch (Chicago) and McIntyre (Los Angeles) and the Apostolic Delegate to the United States, Archbishop Amleto Cicognani

7.) With (from left) Cardinals Stritch (Chicago), Glennon (St. Louis. Yikes! Trousers!) and Mooney (Detroit)

8.) With a bishop

9.) With Clemente Cardinal Micara, again

10.) "I said kiss, not smell!"


Anonymous Castor said...

Dear "You-know'who"

Of course, it's Bishop Ambrose Synyshyn, OSBM, auxillary of the Ukrainian Exarchate in the U.S., 1942, later Metropolitan, from 1960.

1:38 AM  
Blogger Rubrician said...

What would be superb, if it exists, would be a photograph of a Cardinal on Gaudete or Laetare Sundays.

I understand from Nainfa that they wore rose watered silk cassocks (with train of course), mantellata and mozetta.

But did they wear a rose cappa and biretta?

3:42 AM  
Blogger leo said...

Yes, I heard that about the rose watered silk cassock, matelletta and mozzetta as well. Rumor also has it that there actually were rose watered silk cappae (not officially; they seemed to have been more in the department of whim of singular cardinals) but I think it is pretty much impossible to find a photo of these. Too bad, of course.

A canonry of secular canons in Prague a long time ago had, as I understand it, the privilege to wear rose vestments. So they would have had rose birettas as ell

4:14 AM  

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