Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It happened twice now: I went to flickr, saw a picture in which some "atheist", "agnostic", "freethinker", "humanist" or whatchamaycallit ridiculed God and the Pope in the typical "I am SOOOOOO much holier than thou"-fashion. I wrote a comment, giving these people a piece of my mind and confronting them with simple truths. Both comments appeared. But where they answered?

In a way.

They were deleted and I was blocked by those persons.

Dear everybody out there: This is the sad but true reality of the "new radical/militant atheism": Censorship, brainwashing, mind-control, dishonesty, hypocrisy. A bunch of spoiled brats, stomping their foot, screaming "But I don't WANT there to be a God!"

They firmly locked themselves up in their ivory tower of no-truth. Nothing can touch them and thereby nothing can force them to confront their projects of life with honesty and clarity. A today, B tomorrow. Free speech for everyone, as long as they say what I want and do not come at me with rational arguments and the right questions.

Don't buy anything these guys have to offer. If they were selling quality, they wouldn't have to silence those who question them.