Friday, November 10, 2006

Beat this!

I raise you a Wojtyla in watered silk. Supposedly this photo was taken in 1978 (obviously before Oct. 16th). I don't know the occasion, because the caption is in Russian and mine is kind of non-existent. Still: Karol Kardinal Wojtyla does look good in the cappa magna, doesn't he?

Update: It always helps to know people who REALLY know their stuff. A faithful reader send me this information: I doubt it's 78. Look, the bishop in the background (Wladyslaw Rubin, later prefect of the Oriental Congregation) is in a mantelletta with a pectoral cross over top. Not allowed after 69. Also, the bishop in the grecca is Cassarolli. He was the perpetual envoy to E. Europe. I suspect it was taken between 67 and 68, likely 67, shortley after he had been made cardinal.

Thanks A.!


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