Tuesday, December 12, 2006

War on Christmas?

It's that time of the year again...

"Happy season of Sparkle!"
"Don't impose your faith on me and get that nativity scene outta town!"
"It is just a pagan feast hijacked by the Church anyways!"

Do these sound familiar? Well, they should.

Behind all the hysteria about a secular society trying to turn Christmas into far less than it actually is, there lies the justified concern about a secular society turning religion into something that does not exist outside your private walls anymore. Yeah, you are right. Outside YOUR private walls.

Woe to the priest who during mass dares to denounce homosexuality. If he happens to have someone sitting in the pews who is still clinging to the narcissistic, subjective, "the church has to conform to the world"-credo he will very likely be reported to the police (but first to the press, of course).

Woe to the soccer player who dares to make the sign of the cross while facing the fans of the away-team.

Woe to the airport worker who wears a little crucifix on a chain around her neck.

Does anybody really want to say that societies, in which 11-year old girls fall from their chairs in schools because they OD'd on some drug, in which 13-year old girls dress like hookers, in which 15 year old boys argue about the best ways to make a woman "come", in which again 13-year old girls feel "left out" because they did not have sex yet, in which "swinging" is seen as normal and "healthy", in which kids carry guns, in which education hardly takes place anymore, in which abortion, homosexuality, fornication and divorce are common practice...

... Does anybody really want to say that societies, which offer people so many means of self-destruction and destruction of others, do not need the hope of the Advent season and the light of Christ's Gospel brought to the people by the Church and her priests?

These people are drowning in their bad conscience and personally I think that every attempt to shut out the voice of the Church in reality is at least as much a cry for help as an attempt to make the unwanted and harsh truth heard.

So what to do? Pray. Pray. Pray. Never stop. And never be silent when you have to speak up. For Christ. For your faith. For your Church. For patience with the sinner, but against tolerance of sin and against the conformity of truth to the "life-experience of the people".


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