Monday, February 26, 2007

They finally lost all sense...

Now we know how far these people are willing to go. A NYTimes article about a James-Cameron-documentatry movie telling us everything we ever wanted to know about a crypt in Jerusalem that contains the bones of Our Saviour, His Blessed Mother, Her Most Chaste Spouse and - ta-dah! - Mary Magdalene and her Son, whose father is - ta-dah-dum-dee-dum! - Jesus of Nazareth.

My favorite line:
    Mr. Cameron said he had been “trepidatious” about becoming involved in the project but got engaged out of “great passion for a good detective story,” not to offend and not to cash in.
Have you no shame? At long, effing last - HAVE YOU NO SHAME?


Anonymous éric said...

Just a silly gift for Lent from our dear anti-christian brothers. Don't pay any attention !

1:58 AM  

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