Thursday, December 14, 2006

That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time

From the webpage of the Berean Christadelphians comes this gem, which I found in a section entitled "Cornerstones - A collection of writings by our pioneer brethren". These "pioneer brethren" are also referred to in the sentence "Our movement is today--and by the grace of God will continue to be until Christ returns--an accurate reflection of those divine principles brought to light by the dedicated work of our pioneer brethren."

So, why not take a look at these divine principles?

From the essay Decline and Fall of the Papacy, written in April 1851:
    "I return to the main point, and reiterate my affirmation that the Papacy is in its last agonies."
    "All real Protestants would rather accept the Koran for their guide than the degrading traditions of the Romish church for a Mohammedan is at least a worshipper of God, whereas the servile disciple of Romanism crawls at the feet of the most contemptible personages, living or dead."
    "A Papist is an individual of the past, the remnant of a species professedly extinct, save in those isolated specimens which have been left to excite our wonder and astonishment at the depth of degradation to which humanity can be made to descend."
Can you feel the love?

Man, did I have a laugh!


Anonymous Ken said...

So much for our "our seperated brethren". The evangelical/pentecostal sects are still as acidic, and "anti-Romish".

1:14 PM  

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